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An Invitation to Participate in the Realization of a Dream….


At Mpambo African Multiversity

Isegero Village, Busoga Kingdom, Uganda.

What is Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity?

Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity was founded in 1995; at a time of accelerated globalization. That is the worldwide surbordination of local, national and regional interest to American-European interest, and cultural homogenisation. Mpambo was conceived as an anti-homogenisation, counter global idea and philosophy of Free Spirit of intellectual pluralism, rooted in community cognitive freedom and security.

Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity is a community-based centre of higher learning, dedicated to the advancement of indigenous knowledge and scholarship, ways of knowing and mother-tongue higher education worldwide for purposes of broadening the catchment area of the reservoir of knowledge available to humanity. Mpambo symbolizes the worldwide efforts to recover, update and extend the frontiers of humanity’s strategic social assets developed over millennia and locked up in mother-tongues to help contemporary generations solve some of their problems, and live fuller lives. 

The central objective of Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity is the promotion, advancement, interpretation and presentation of the African knowledge base, epistemology and ways of knowing; such that in the 21st century Global knowledge Society, Afrika is both a conscious producer and consumer of knowledge.

A dedicated group of partners are working on helping to realise this dream, including the Friends of Mpambo Coordinating Committee, VIDEA and Royal Roads University Continuing Studies Department - interested in joining us? Contact Lynn Thornton at info@videa.ca.

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Why a House of Indigenous Cultures; and for whom is it intended?

Following the growth and the development of Mpambo’s work over the years; and the worldwide attention this work has attracted Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity has built a name as a place for indigenous scholarship. It has, therefore, become opportune to have an impactful building as a meeting place; a symbol of the great work that has been done, and the even great work to done. A place of encounter and Deep Dialogue between and among indigenous cultures, as well as an interface with other cultures, ways of knowing and worldviews. This House is particularly intended for peoples, communities, groups and individuals worldwide, who have remained steadfast in the footsteps of the spirituality and awareness of environmental justice and culture of their ancestors, countries, nations and people. Peoples who are rooted in their ancestors’ worldview which regards men and women to be part of nature, rather than apart from and above nature. Moreover, the ones in whom the view that the purpose of men and women on the Living Mother Earth, is to live in adorant harmony with all nature’s creation, is alive and kicking.


In the shape of the map of Africa; Stones and Mountains.                             

The House has been designed in the shape of Afrika, to bring out the spirit which surrounds this continent, Mother of everything. Further, it  has been designed to be built with stones, a symbol of the stone-spirit of standing and weathering all manner of challenges, without revisionism, in thought, word or deed. The roof  has been designed to have some semblance of the mountains of central Afrika,  particularly the Rwenzori, Kilimanjaro, Kirinyaga and Masaaba, in the Afrikan Great Lake Region; the cradle of humankind.

The Thatch

The roof is thatched with the finest grass, a symbol of hope and royalty.

The change and replacement o the thatch every so often, will be an external sign of the inner need every now and then to bring about changes in the praxis of the Multiversity; and every 50-60 years (the estimated life of the thatch) the changes will be major and strategic; change being the only basis for development, transformation and longevity.

A conference room, four double bedrooms; Doors and Rivers

The five rooms symbolize the five spirits which together make a man or a woman. The House has four entrances which, as well, serve as exits, will help receive knowledge from all the corners of the earth: East, West, North and South. Similarly knowledge from the house will spread to all four corners of the world. Corridors in the house represent major rivers, particularly the Nile, Niger, Congo, Limpopo and Zambezi, spurs to knowledge creation, and highways for its sharing and diffusion.

The Equator, Ekyoto (Holy Fire Place) and Madagascar

The Equator is depicted in the House. It symbolises equality, complmentarity and the meeting place of two Spirits; male and female, the source of all living things. Ekyoto (Holy Fire Place) has been put in the centre of the conference room, as a symbol that light will guide all the work carried out in the House. Where there is  darkness this House will illuminate light; and where there is light this,  more light will be illuminated. The island of Madagascar houses offices and a bookstore, as the beginnings of a library.



Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity seeks support and donations to help make the House of Indigenous Culture a Reality. We also seek dialogue and partnership on the Multiversity concept, to advance our own work, as well as work  in this domain worldwide.

To donate by cheque or money order:
Make the cheque or money order out to VIDEA with "Mpambo Project" in the memo line. Please include your address, if not already printed on it, and send to:


1200 Deeks Place,

V8P 5S7

To donate online:
Please click here to donate online through Canada Helps.  Please note, if you donate through Canada Helps, 3% of your donation will go to Canada Helps.

If you have questions regarding donations, please contact:

Prof. Budd Hall.,Chair,
Friends of Mpambo Solidarity Committee
University of Victoria,
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 3N6.
Tel: 250 721 8474 

For Dialogue and Partnership p
lease contact:

Wangoola Paulo, Nabyama (President)
Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity
Naguru Hill
P.O. Box 7314 Kampala Uganda.
Tel: +256(0) 772 489081
+256(0) 414 288307

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