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Ukulapha Outreach Project

A grassroots project in Slangspuit & Imbali in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, offering support to families with orphans and vulnerable children.


Slangspruit and Imbali are townships on the outskirts of Pietermartizburg with very high levels of poverty, unemployment and HIV infection. These factors, together with the large numbers of orphans and vulnerable children--particularly child headed households, led the project founders to initiate the Ukulapha Outreach Project.

Specific Projects in Place (black) and in Process (blue):

  • Food hampers are provided every month to identified orphan headed households, currently 7 families of 42 children in Slangspruit and Imbali.
  • Education; higher education past grade 12; workshops and instruction for caregivers; partnering with local privileged schools to share resources; linking with school children in Victoria through letters and creative writing; fund raising
  • Home improvements including repairing and restructuring homes; installing security fencing and yard cleanup; exterior and interior painting; purchasing beds, fans, fridges, hot plates etc.
  • Personal support providing coaching and advocacy, including grant application, school fee exemption procedures & legal matters; mentoring; counselling; workshops for caregivers
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship including purchasing for, training & assistance in growing and marketing vegetables, fruit, chickens; beading, crocheting and knitting; equipping & assisting young Zulu dancers to perform publicly; used clothing outlet; recycling; developing guest house facilites for overseas visitors & project volunteers
  • Health; advocated for and obtained a mobile health clinic bi-monthly for all health issues, consultation and referrals to local hospitals; assistance and workshops on nutrition; testing, counselling and workshops on HIV/Aids; counselling one on one and in groups; other workshops as identified   
  • Slangspruit Public Primary School, 848 learners; pilot lunch program, community vegetable garden, kitchen, raising chickens and eggs, U. office, workshops (caregivers), internet (Skype education), (revitalizing old computers, providing a printer and instruction to educators in computer literacy, computerizing the school, a once off by a visiting individual).
To check out the Ukulapha Outreach Project's website click here.

For updates on the Ukulapha Outreach Project or a chance to donate click here.

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