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Welcome to the Nelson (NAKA) Breakthrough for Africa Page!

The  Nelson Area and Kaoma Alliance (NAKA) is part of the two-year 'Breakthrough for Africa' public engagement project of VIDEA (Victoria International Development Association) funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). NAKA is a community based organisation creating sustaining links, based on friendship and solidarity between Nelson and Kaoma in western Zambia. Interested in learning more? Read on..... Interested in getting involved? Contact Isabelle Herzig at: isabelleh@kootenaykids.ca.

Left: NAKA member Nicola Forrester finding out how difficult it is to grind maize!

NAKA works with different community community groups, indviduals, schools and organisations in Nelson to create links with and support for our friends in Kaoma. NAKA has active member groups working on health, education, income generation, water, trades and other projects. We import fair trade baskets; work with schools in Nelson to create art exchanges, letter writing relationships and other fund raising ventures that support education in Kaoma; we are raising funds to improve access to fresh water, are supporting education for orphans and vulnerable children and supporting the core work of our Zambian partner organisation, Women for Change.

In the past 2 years we've been involved in some pretty cool initiatives, such as:

International Development Week - every year in February we organise the "What in the World is Nelson doing about it?" community event - this event gives community members the chance to become better informed about development in general, learn what development-related organisations in Nelson are doing, become engaged and learn about current NAKA projects.

Providing support for orphans and vulnerable children in Kaoma - through generous support from community members in Kaoma we are now supporting the yearly education for two young people in Kaoma - Jane and Michael.

Helping to support the community school in Mangango - when we were in Kaoma last year this school was identified as being in great need of support and friendship. At the moment we would love to talk to you if you are interested in early childhood or primary education and would like to help raise  funds for operational and material support for the school. This year we were able to supply the school with a range of educational supplies.

And much much more - interested in knowing more? Getting involved? We'd love to hear from you - please contact Isabelle Herzig at isabelleh@kootenaykids.ca.



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