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COMMUNITIES IN ACTION  - In Canada and Africa

Breakthrough for Africa is public engagement programme initiated by VIDEA (Victoria International Development Education Association).  Using the lens of the Millennium Development Goals Breakthrough for Africa supports, educates and motivates five communities in British Columbia, the Yukon and Saskatchewan to engage at the grass roots level with communities in Zambia.

The primary mission of VIDEA is to ‘inspire thought and action on global issues,’ a goal which is exemplified by Breakthrough for Africa.  With this project, communities in Canada with resources and support and supervision from VIDEA work with African partners to support the initiatives of five communities in Zambia to reduce poverty.

The five communities in Canada: Victoria, Kelowna, Whitehorse, Nelson and Regina, are developing the skills, sharing their knowledge and leveraging multi-stakeholder involvement to create whole-community working models to engage with these communities in Africa.  VIDEA has already developed strong links and a working relationship with partners in Zambia, particularly Women for Change, a catalyst for cultural change around gender issues in both urban and rural settings.  VIDEA has been supporting local community initiative in Zambia through the regular placement of Canadian interns providing capacity building at the heart of the community projects.

Breakthrough for Africa brings the Millennium Development Goals down to tangible projects at a community level.  VIDEA supports both the communities in Canada and Africa to create partnerships, strategies and activities to address poverty reduction in already identified regions in Zambia.  VIDEA fosters leadership and global citizenry at this level, profiling local initiatives, and inspiring and leveraging action from other areas of our society.  While this programme informs and engages communities, it is driven by a desire for concrete sustained action.

Through fostering support and solidarity between Canadian and Zambian communities the programme aims not only to develop sustainable projects that address the MDGs but similarly inspire other communities, kick-starting wider societal action, leading to increasing Canada's contribution to the global partnership for development. 

Communities in Action:






We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

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