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The best thing you can do to fight global warming is to reduce the amount of the world's energy you use. There are simple ways to do this: when you drive less, you decrease your impact considerably. Also, when you buy local, Canadian grown foods instead of things that come from the other side of the world, you reduce the amount of world energy that you use up. To learn more about your effect on the planet, go to this site and take an ecological footprint quiz, which measures how much of the world's energy you consume.

To learn more about global warming, and what you can do about it, check out this site, which is filled with pictures, statistics and activities.

To learn how you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your home and school, go to

There are many viewpoints on global warming, and what to do about it. To read some different opinions, take a look at the articles in our resource section.

The Sierra Club, a non-profit environmental agency, has been vocal in encouraging governments to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. See what the Canadian chapter has to say at